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Open concept kitchen with living room and dining room with wood flooring.


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Whether you’re looking to add value to your home, create more living space, or make everyday improvements, we can help! From new window treatments to kitchen cabinets, our contractor network covers a wide range of verticals to suit any home renovation project.


Have a specific project in mind? Get inspired using our home renovation gallery below. Inside, you’ll find handy tips and tricks to help you plan your renovation project like an expert. When you’re ready, you can calculate the cost of your home improvement using our online calculator. Select from one of the options below to learn more.

  • Roof Replacement and Repair

    Roof Replacement and Repair

    Quality roofing can have a huge impact on the look and even the comfort of your home, with changes you’ll notice inside and out.

  • Window Renovation

    Window Renovation

    Upgrading your windows will not only improve the aesthetic of your home’s exterior but can also impact your heating and cooling costs.

  • Door Replacement

    Door Replacement

    Whether it’s a new front door or upgrading the doors inside your home, you’d be surprised at what a big impact this simple upgrade can make.

  • Pool and Spa Renovations

    Pool and Spa Renovations

    Whether you’re looking for fun or fitness, we can help you make the most of your outdoor (or indoor) space with the perfect pool, hot tub, or spa.

  • Bathroom Renovation

    Bathroom Renovation

    New counters, updated fixtures, fancy flooring, a new soaker tub, or no tub at all—the options are endless when it comes to updating your bathroom.

  • Kitchen Renovation

    Kitchen Renovation

    Kitchens are for more than cooking and eating. For many families, it’s the heart of the home. Fortunately, getting your dream kitchen is easier than you think.

  • Basement Renovation

    Basement Renovation

    Expand your living space, reorganize your home, increase your home’s value, and more with a basement renovation.

  • Heating System

    Heating System

    The last thing you want when winter strikes is to be stuck in the cold. Enjoy year-round comfort with a heating system that’s ready when you need it.

  • Cooling System

    Cooling System

    Save on energy costs and stay comfortable all year long by upgrading your home with a high-efficiency, industry-leading cooling system.

  • Home Ventilation System

    Home Ventilation System

    Improve your home’s air quality by upgrading with a range of high-efficiency ventilation solutions. Nothing beats being able to breathe easier.

  • Water Heating System

    Water Heating System

    Enjoy hot water when you need it throughout your home by upgrading to the latest in high-efficiency water heating equipment.

  • General Home Renovations

    General Home Renovations

    Every home is different, and no two families are alike, so it makes sense that home reno ideas will be different, too. No matter the project, we can help!

Four Types of Home Improvement Projects

Home renovations will typically fall into one of the following four categories. Knowing which one your project belongs to can help you with the planning process.

Basic Icon

Basic Upkeep

If your home looks or feels out of date, then it might be time for a makeover. Cosmetic remodels could mean updating your whole kitchen with fresh paint, a new countertop, and better fixtures. It could also mean replacing the doors and windows in your home for a bold new look.

Curb Appeal Icon

Cosmetic Remodels

Renovations that improve your home’s curb appeal are often done before listing it for sale. These are projects that make the exterior of your house more attractive or useful, such as painting, garage doors, driveway repairs, landscaping, or installing a new walkway.

Value-Added Icon

Investor Value

If you’re flipping a house or simply keeping a future selling date in mind for the home you live in now, the right renovation can add value to your property. Beyond regular upkeep, value-added improvements could include new exterior siding, new windows, a new roof, kitchen upgrades, and more.

Personal Enjoyment Icon

Major Renovations

A major renovation could include adding an addition to your home, finishing the basement, or anything else that alters the layout of your home. With a major renovation, you can expect a longer project timeline, a higher budget, and a high return on investment.

Full kitchen with white cabinets, island and seating.


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