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What Are the Benefits of Renovating a Kitchen?

The kitchen really is the heart of the home. It’s often the one place in the home where families eat, gather, and create lasting memories. There are many good reasons for updating your kitchen. For starters, it’s one of the best ways to increase your property value. It also makes life easier if it’s functional and spacious. Whether you opt for a chef’s kitchen equipped with all the bells and whistles or just want a quick refresh, the possibilities are endless when it comes to kitchen remodeling.

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How to Plan a Kitchen Renovation

Make a list of what you want from your new kitchen, including possible finishes, fixtures, lighting, plumbing, and special features you have on your wish list. The more detail you can include upfront, the better idea you’ll have of your kitchen renovation cost and timeline.

Make a Plan

Make a list of what you want from your new kitchen, including possible finishes, fixtures, lighting, plumbing, and special features you have on your wish list. The more detail you can include upfront, the better idea you’ll have of how much your project is going to cost.

Build a Budget

Start by calculating how much your dream kitchen renovation will cost by using our free kitchen renovation cost estimator. Compare your kitchen quote against how much you’re willing to spend to come up with a feasible budget for your project. Major renovations, like a kitchen remodel, often incur unforeseen costs when it comes to labour and materials, so be sure to include some extra wiggle room in your budget.

Hire a Contractor

You may love to DIY, but unless you have the experience, a kitchen upgrade is best left to the experts. Hiring a professional contractor can save you loads of time and money in the long run. Submit your project now to get started with leading contractors in your area.

How Much Do Kitchen Renovations Cost?

Your kitchen renovation cost will vary depending on your intended improvements. Just updating fixtures and refinishing cabinets, for instance, will cost marginally less than installing new counters, cabinets, and flooring. Your location, as well as fluctuating labour and material prices will also have an impact. With’s kitchen cost calculator, you can put in the details of exactly what you need, and we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate of how much you can expect to pay based on rates from pre-screened contractors in your area. We can even suggest flexible and affordable financing options to help you stretch your budget even further.

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Tips and tricks

Special Features That Take Your Kitchen to the Next Level

You’ve chosen all the basic functions you’d like to see in your new kitchen—now it’s time to add those special finishing touches. Here are some features to consider that will make your new kitchen even better.

High-End Appliances

High-end appliances will take your kitchen to the next level. Consider upgrading to a gas range, which offers higher and more even heat distribution, or adding a wine refrigerator that can be integrated into surrounding cabinetry for a seamless look.

Specialized Storage

Built-in countertop storage, corner cabinets, divider drawers, and inserts all allow you to make the most of your space. Custom storage options also keep bulky appliances out of sight, giving your kitchen a clean look.

Big Island

Adding an island in your kitchen adds both charm and functionality. Some of the many benefits include more storage space, more counter space, an extra seating area, and even an extra sink or built-in microwave.

Luxury Countertops

There are plenty of options for kitchen countertops, but if you really want to add some luxury and elegance to your space, consider investing in quartz or even marble counters. Although pricier, these are known for being extremely durable and stain-resistant.

When Does a Kitchen Need to Be Renovated?

Your kitchen is hard to clean

Wood cabinets, tiles, enamel, and linoleum do eventually wear out and need replacing, and that can make them look dirty even when they’re clean.

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You plan to sell your home

If you’re thinking about listing your home for sale, take a step back and look at your kitchen through the eyes of a potential buyer to see what can be improved. It may even be valuable to bring in a realtor or staging consultant to provide some input on what sells.

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Your kitchen appliances are outdated

Kitchen appliances are designed to last between 10-15 years, so if yours are getting up there, it’s best to replace them before you have to deal with a breakdown.

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You need more space.

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Adequate storage and space can make a world of difference. Simply adding more counter space or cabinets can transform your kitchen and make it much more functional.

Financing Options to Make Your Home Renovation More Affordable

Take the stress out of budgeting for your home improvement project with flexible financing options, powered by SNAP Home Finance, that you can rely on.

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Contractors You Can Rely on

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Modern kitchen with island and under-cabinet lightning.

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