Pool and Spa Renovations

Nothing transforms your backyard space more than a new pool or spa. Learn more about what’s involved with installing or upgrading your pool or spa.

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What Are the Benefits of Adding a Pool or Spa to Your Home?

Whether you’re looking for fun, fitness, or relaxation, adding a pool, hot tub, or home spa will maximize how much you enjoy your home. Indoor and outdoor pools come in an array of designs and styles for the whole family and to suit any space, while also adding property value. Hot tubs and spas can provide a relaxing escape in the comfort of your own home, not to mention an excellent choice for smaller spaces.

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How to Plan a Pool or Spa Renovation

Pool and spa renovations take careful planning, since there’s often excavation, plumbing, decking, and a variety of fixtures and finishes to take into account. Consider your vision, budget, and desired results as you go through the following steps.

Make a Plan

Think about your vision for your new pool or spa. Consider things like who will be using it, how big you’d like it to be, and what you dream of it looking like. The more detail you can provide upfront about your vision, the better idea you’ll have of how much your project is going to cost.

Build a Budget

Adding an indoor or outdoor pool or spa can be a significant undertaking, and it’s easy for costs to escalate if you’re not prepared. Use our calculator tool for an accurate estimate of what your project will cost.

Hire a Contractor

Pool installations and spa renovations are best left to the experts. Submit your project now and we’ll help you get started with a leading pool contractor in your area.

How Much Do Pool and Spa Renovations Cost?

The cost of adding a pool or spa to your home will vary depending on what you’re looking to do. For instance, installing an above-ground pool could be less than $10,000 while a new inground swimming pool can cost well over $30,000, depending on the size, material, and features. For hot tubs, you can find options for under $5,000 while higher-end models can go as high as $20,000. Your location, and fluctuating labour and material prices can also have an impact. With MyHomeUpgrade.ca’s free renovation calculator, we’ll provide you with a detailed estimate of how much you can expect to pay based on rates from a local pool company in your area. We can even offer flexible financing solutions to help you stretch your budget even further.

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Top Pool and Spa Options to Choose From

When it comes to pool and spa additions, you want to make the right choice for your needs and your property. Here are some options to consider as you begin to plan your renovation.

Above-Ground Pools

If you’re looking for an economical option, above-ground pools are a great choice. They sit on the surface of your yard, sometimes with a deck or patio surrounding them, and can be emptied and refilled as required. They also come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making them a great choice for a smaller budget.

Inground Pools

An inground pool is built into your landscape, making it a stunning, permanent feature. They come in a variety of materials chosen for strength and flexibility, and the design choices are endless, from infinity pools to diving pools, not to mention all the additional bells and whistles, like water slides and waterfalls.

Lap Pools and Swim Spas

As the name suggests, lap pools are designed specifically for swimming laps. This long, narrow, rectangular, inground pool requires less water, making it a sustainable choice that’s ideal for fitness. Swim spas, a smaller version of a lap pool, is equipped with water jets that allow the user to swim against a constant flow of water.

Hot Tubs and Spas

Hot tubs and spas are optimal for fun, relaxation, and hydrotherapy. They are usually built above-ground and come in a range of sizes, making them easy to install for any style of home or yard. Talk about benefits—hot tub owners claim they sleep better and have fewer aches and pains after a warm soak.

How to Tell When Your Pool Needs to Be Repaired or Replaced

Stains & Discolouration

Unsightly stains can easily be removed with the right advice from a pool professional.

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If your pool seems shallower than usual, your pool may need a new base or liner.

Water flow direction

Cracking and Tearing

These are signs of water loss, which can damage the pool base and will only get worse with time.

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Safety Concerns

Uneven decking, patio stones, or tiles are a tripping hazard, especially for kids, and should be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

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Financing Options to Make Your Home Renovation More Affordable

Take the stress out of budgeting for your home improvement project with flexible financing options, powered by SNAP Home Finance, that you can rely on.

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Contractors You Can Rely on

Plan your renovation with expert guidance. We work with only the most trusted contractors in your area who are all:

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