Lennox Merit Series Air Conditioner (13ACX)


The Goodman GMES92 model is a single-stage, multi-speed gas furnace with electronically commuted motor (ECM) blowers—an ideal solution for heating your home. The unit is rated up to 92% AFUE efficiency rating, which is a measure of how much natural gas it burns to create heat. In other words, this unit uses up to 92% of its natural gas to heat, which means less wasted energy.

This model features a single-stage gas valve that delivers the natural gas quickly and efficiently to the furnace until it reaches the desired temperature. It also has a single-stage, draft-induced blower that ensures your safety by keeping dangerous nitrogen oxides (NOx) at bay. With Goodman, you can rest assured that you’re getting a unit designed for long-lasting durability and quiet, reliable heating.

The Goodman GMES92 single-stage gas furnace is available in multiple BTUs:

GMES920403AN (40K BTU)
GMES920603BN (60K BTU)
GMES920803BN (80K BTU)
GMES920804CN (80K BTU)
GMES920805CN (80K BTU)
GMES921004CN (100K BTU)
GMES921005CN (100K BTU)
GMES921205DN (120K BTU)

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