Front Door Ideas and Styles


Your front door is the first thing friends and family see when they come for a visit. It also serves as the focal point of your house from the street, so it only makes sense that the right door upgrade will instantly boost curb appeal. Whatever the size of your renovation budget, there are plenty of ways you can make a major impact. Certain colours, materials, decorative lighting, and styles of exterior doors can transform both the look and feel of your entire property.

You only have one chance to make a great first impression, so greet guests in style by upgrading your front door with the latest door renovations. Here are a few helpful home improvement ideas to create the perfect entrance that suits your style and the architectural design of your home.

Choose a Style That Reflects Your Taste

You use your front door every day, so updating it is an important home improvement project that shouldn’t be overlooked. Think about how you want your front entrance to look to guests whenever they arrive. Do you prefer more of a modern touch? Look for options with minimalist design features and subtle architectural details. If you prefer more of a vintage-inspired style, you can’t go wrong with craftsman or mid-century door renovations featuring natural wood frames and glass inlays or iron accents.

Refresh Your Existing Front Door

A quality front door can last for years, so even if a door replacement doesn’t fit within your budget, you can easily refresh the look of your existing front door. Applying a different coat of paint or stain can dramatically change the look of your entryway, especially if you use bolder colours in glossy finishes. For a more neutral approach, softer shades in eggshell finishes are a great choice.

Create a Unified Look

If you decide to install a new door or refresh an existing one, coordinate the style and colour of the door with your existing finishes. Look closely at the hues of the exterior of your home to ensure the new colour won’t clash. Lighter-coloured bricks work great with classic greens and blues, while red bricks work better with earthy tones. If you have a neutral or gray exterior, you can be even more adventurous with vibrant shades of red, yellow or blue.For a truly unified look, don’t forget to consider your garage door and your neighbours’ houses, too. A street that’s lined with complementary hues looks incredibly appealing.

Light the Way to Your Front Door

Draw attention to your entryway while providing extra security with proper lighting. Create a warm glow on your porch with a small light or add two lights to both sides of your door to highlight your house number. Although exterior lighting is an economic home renovation, make sure you hire an experienced general contractor or electrician to safely install your new lighting. You can find one quickly and easily with our network of recommended pros in your area.

Add Plants and Greenery Around Your Front Door

Placing plants and greenery around your front door is among the least expensive home projects you can invest in. Plus, introducing a touch of nature can instantly brighten up your space. Frame your entrance with large ceramic pots filled with colourful flowers that welcome every guest. Plant greenery around each side of your entrance to draw attention to your front door. Even a simple hanging basket can make a tremendous difference.

Change Your Door Hardware

A low-budget way to transform your front door is to simply change your door hardware. Simpler designs in classic finishes like polished nickel or brass instantly freshen up period doorways. For a rustic touch, look for wrought-iron details. If you’re going for a modern design scheme, brushed aluminum and steel finishes are a great fit.

Door replacement or renovation doesn’t have to feel complicated. Our team of expert advisors is here to help you every step of the way. Our free, easy-to-use renovation calculator provides an on-the-spot estimate for your home renovation project. We also offer flexible and affordable financing options to stretch your budget even further. Contact us today to get started!

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