9 Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner


You might not fully appreciate the cooling benefits of your air conditioner until it stops working on a hot summer day. Often, this happens at the worst possible time, when a particularly hot day puts an old or faulty unit under too much stress. Recognizing the signs that your air conditioner is developing a problem will help you get it repaired or replaced before it fails completely. Here’s what to look out for. 

1) It’s Blowing Warm Air  

The most straightforward sign of an air conditioner problem is when it starts to blow warm air instead of cool. It’s normal for an air conditioner to take a few minutes to cool down to working temperature, especially for an older unit, but if the warm air lasts longer than 3-5 minutes, it’s likely the unit has a problem that needs checking out. 

2) Poor Airflow  

If the air is cool but isn’t being blown very strongly, the fan could be faulty or there could be an obstruction within the unit, air filter, or air ducts. In any case, the conditioner’s efficiency will be poor, and you even risk damaging it through continued use. MyHomeUpgrade.ca can connect you with a recommended HVAC contractor who can do an inspection, just to be on the safe side. 

3) Frequent Shut-Offs  

If your air conditioner regularly shuts off before your home is fully cooled, there’s likely a problem with the thermostat. Chances are, a qualified contractor from our exclusive network of trusted pros can fix that for you in a jiffy. 

4) Leaking Water or Excessive Moisture  

It’s perfectly normal for an air conditioner to create condensation as part of its cooling process. But if water starts to drip or pool below the unit, it’s a strong sign that there’s a mechanical problem, or worse, a refrigerant leak. In both cases, it’s wise to get help from a licensed HVAC contractor to prevent any damage from getting worse.  

5) Unusual Noises  

Any air conditioner will make whirring, hissing, and occasional clicking noises as part of its normal operation. But if it starts making new sounds, particularly grinding or squealing ones, there could be trouble ahead. One of our qualified HVAC partners should be able to isolate any problems quickly and either put your mind at rest or make any necessary repairs. 

6) Unusual Odours   

Strange smells in the air could be a sign that mold is building up within the unit, which not only reduces its effectiveness but also presents potential health risks by spreading spores around your home. Alternatively, a blockage in the ducts, whether it’s leaves or something worse, could be the issue. Don’t ignore any unusual smells hoping that they’ll go away. If you do, you might even stop noticing them while the underlying problem stays unsolved. 

7) A Dusty Home  

A properly working air conditioner should filter the air as well as cool it. If you notice more dust than usual building up around your home, especially in areas near the conditioner, then you might want to book an inspection. The problem could be as simple as worn or dirty air filters, which would cost little to put right. But even if the problem is more serious and you need to replace the entire air conditioner unit, your health and your home’s cleanliness will both benefit from the upgrade. 

8) Increased Energy Bills  

If you find your summer energy bills are increasing unexpectedly, and there’s no underlying cause like a price hike by the supplier, your air conditioner’s poor efficiency could be the culprit. It may still be cooling your home but using much more energy to do so. Having it serviced, repaired, or even replaced could save you money in the longer term. 

9) Constant Problems and Repairs  

Lastly, while any air conditioner can develop small faults and problems over time, if you’re calling your HVAC contractor more often than in the past, and if your air conditioner is more than 10 to15 years old, it might be time to take the plunge and replace it altogether. Modern units are much more efficient than older ones, and their reduced running costs will quickly offset the expense of replacement.  

If you notice your air conditioner exhibiting any one of these nine signs, it’s probably time to arrange an inspection with an experienced HVAC contractor to see whether your air conditioner needs a repair or replacement. MyHomeUpgrade.ca can help! Give us a call at 1.833.527.1149. Our team of expert advisors are here to help you every step of the way!  

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