8 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows


Fitting custom windows to your home has many advantages, and it’s an improvement that most homeowners will likely take on at some point. However, it can also be a costly project, which is why many people are tempted to put it off until it’s absolutely necessary.

But small problems with your windows can cause real difficulties down the road if they’re left unresolved.

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s time to get started with a house window replacement, it might be useful to consider the benefits it could bring, and the problems it could solve. Here are eight things to keep in mind.

1. Outdated Windows

If your home’s windows are more than a decade old, chances are you’re due for an upgrade. If they still use a single pane, your old windows likely offer poor insulation, which can impact your energy costs, not to mention your heating and cooling costs. Older glass usually doesn’t provide additional benefits, like UV protection to stop your interior furniture and decor from fading, or dazzle prevention to make bright summer days more comfortable.

Simply put, if you can’t be sure when exactly your windows were last replaced, it’s worth having a professional come in to take a look.

2. Noticeable Drafts

Feeling cool drafts inside your home is a more concrete sign that a window replacement is needed. Not only are these drafts uncomfortable, but it means that heat is escaping from your home in winter and your air conditioner will be working less efficiently in summer. To check if your windows are drafty, hold a loose sheet of tissue around various parts of each frame, and you’ll easily be able to see movement at the source of any draft.

3. Increasing Energy Costs

Even without obvious drafts, you might notice your energy costs going up because of poor insulation. Check your statements to see how much energy you’re using, and if the total seems to be rising, especially in winter, then drafty windows may very well be your culprit.

4. Difficult to Close

Windows shouldn’t take a lot of effort to fully close. Needing to haul them into place isn’t only annoying, it also shows that they’re not making a tight seal for good insulation. What’s more, windows that don’t shut properly can impact your home security, giving potential intruders a weak spot to work on.

5. Noise from Outdoors

Well-fitting windows should insulate against outside noise as well as temperature. While hearing birds chirping may be calming for some people, noisy neighbours, traffic, and other kinds of urban disturbance are probably less welcome. Few windows offer full soundproofing, but the best replacement windows can minimize outdoor noise very effectively when you need them to.

6. Visible Deterioration

If you can see fogging between the glass panes or condensation building up on the interior, the window is probably structurally damaged and will need replacing sooner rather than later. Similarly, any splitting, discolouration, or decay on the frames is usually best handled by a replacement rather than a repair, as once these problems set in, they’re almost impossible to fix.

7. Severe Weather

If you live in an area with severe weather risks, your windows will take a lot of punishment over the years and wear out much more rapidly. In calmer areas, you may be able to ignore a problem for a year or two before a house window replacement becomes necessary. But if you can expect a heavy storm over the next few months any slight defect could cause the window to fail completely. It’s better to fit custom windows now to provide extra protection.

8. Getting Ready to Sell

New custom windows will increase the curb appeal of your home, making it much easier to sell quickly at a good price. On the other hand, old and visibly damaged windows will be an instant turn-off for many buyers who aren’t looking for a “fixer-upper” bargain. If you have any plans to sell your home anytime soon, new windows are a smart investment.

A custom window replacement is one of the biggest home improvement projects most people will carry out, and it’s vital to get it right the first time. At MyHomeUpgrade.ca we can help you plan your custom windows, set your budget, provide an on-the-spot estimate with our free renovation calculator, and even connect you with recommended contractors in your area. Start renovating like an expert, today!

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